Nighat Nadeem

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Every doctor in their career must have read or written an editorial. Our field is very scientific, logical, evidence based and genuinely to write editorials for medical journals is indeed not an easy task. Need and use of editorialin medical journals is similar to that of newspapers, they provide a focus, give direction and stimulate interest1. This brings up thoughts of the tips and techniques of how to write an editorial? Reading editorials show how one writers style is different from another, same as all fingers of a hand are not equal.

First what is an editorial: It is a piece of writing whereby the author is conveying facts to the readers, gives opinion on those facts with rationale to create a good balance between the written facts and opinion. To authenticate this the author provides reliable evidence for effective persuasion2,3.

Secondly why write an editorial: It could be the forerunner of what to expect within the journal, get a not widely disseminated opinion across to readers or persuade readers to believe the authors opinion2.

Thirdly what should be the structure format of an editorial: The title should be eye catching like an abstract of a scientific paper. The author should start with the fact to be portrayed on which opinion should be built which could be for or against. Keeping balance of fact: opinion, validate with evidence which will strengthen the foundation for persuasion, if the author wants to use persuasion.2

Format of editorial may vary depending on requirements of the journal but the fact writing editorials is a taxing feat especially when writing about unreported, underreported, controversial or innovative issues for creating awareness.4Nonetheless, it is a rewarding task one must indulge in at least once in career life.

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