Hira Rauf, Fatima Zubair, Sadaf Shaheen, Talha Laique



Background: Hypertension is the major cause leading to maternal morbidity and mortality globally.

Aim: To compare the efficacy of oral Labetalol versus oral methyldopa for the treatment of pregnancy induced hypertension.

Methodology: This randomized controlled trial. was conducted in Department of Gynecology, Maula Buksh hospital teaching unit, Sargodha, Pakistan following the Hospital’s Ethical Committee consent. Two groups with 175 females each received labetalol (at 100 twice daily) and methyldopa (at 250 mg twice daily) respectively. Continuous blood pressure monitoring was done and doses were adjusted according to requirement in first 24 hours. The effectiveness of drug was recorded 72 hours after the start of treatment in its capacity to lower the blood pressure below 140/90 mmHg. Numerical variables were presented as mean ± SD. Achievement of blood pressure control were presented in the form of frequency and percentages. Chi square test was applied between achievements of blood pressure control by methyldopa versus labetalol with p-value ≤ 0.05 as significant.

Results: In labetalol group, there were 148 (84.6%) cases who had controlled their blood pressure and in methyldopa group there were 123 (70.3%) of the cases had controlled their blood pressure. The success to control BP was higher in labetalol group when compared to methyldopa group having p-value<0.001.

Conclusion: Labetalol showed more efficacy than methyldopa in the management of pregnancy induced hypertension. Hence, oral labetalol can be an effective agent for better management of pregnancy induced hypertension.

Keywords: Hypertension, Labetalol, Methyldopa and Pregnancy.

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