Shoaib Akhtar, M Z Abidin, M Yousaf, M Y Farooq, M A Akhtar, M Ali, S Khan, A Alloudin, M A Alam, M Bilal

Significance of Scrotal Ultrasound in patients With Testicular Pathologies

Shoaib Akhtar, M Z Abidin, M Yousaf, M Y Farooq, M A Akhtar, M Ali, S Khan, A Alloudin, M A Alam, M Bilal



Background: Scrotal pain is a relatively frequent complaint confronting physicians in an emergency setting, and one that harbors potentially serious implications. Accurate diagnosis of testicular torsion and prevention of testicular infarction are of utmost concern in these patients. Scrotal ultrasound is best diagnostic tool to detect and monitor of testicular aberrations in boys. Aim: To determine the significance of scrotal ultrasound in patients with testicular pathologies. Place and duration of study: Rahim Yar Khan Diagnostic Center from 1st May 2019 to 31 December 2020

Methodology: A descriptive study was conducted at Rahim Yar Khan Diagnostic Center. Data of 96 participants were designated done suitable sample method. SPSS version 21.0 was used for data analysis.

Results: Out of 96 patients, in which 74 patients (77.1%) had swelling, 22 patients (22.9%) had no swelling, 82 patients (85.4%) had trauma, 14 patients (14.6%) had no trauma, 88 patients (91.7%) had pain, 8 patients (8.3%) had no pain, 19 patients (19.8%) had both sides, 36 patients (37.5 %) had left side, 41 (42.7%) patients had right side pathology Cell Tumor, Chronic Hydrocele, Cyst. Hematoma, Hemiscrotum, Hernia. Large Cyst, Mass, Oedema, Scroto-lith, Spermatocele, Testicular Neoplasms, Solid Hypoechoic Mass, Epidydmo-orchitis were show 1%, frequency distribution of Calcification, Cystic Leison, Microlithiasis, Testicular Atrophy Were show 2%, frequency distribution of Epididymitis show frequency distribution was 3, frequency distribution of Abscess, Testicular Torsion 4, hematocele was 5, orchitis was 7, undescended testis was 8, varicocele was 10 and hydrocele was 31 and normal was 2.

Conclusion: Scrotal sonography is a high resolution, readily available and non-ionizing imaging modality for the differential diagnosis of scrotal pathologies. The addition of Doppler further characterize the pathologies that include but not limited to testicular torsion, varicocele and orchitis.

Keywords: Scrotal Ultrasound, Hydrocele, Varicocele.

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