Muhammad Uthman, Waqas



Aim: To study association of low serum testosterone in type 2 diabetic males & its relation to sexual asthenia & waist circumference.

Place and duration of study: This study was conducted between June 2016 to Dec 2019, patients presented at Endocrine Clinic at Hameed Latif Hospital Lahore.

Methodology: This cross-sectional/observational study was consists of 50 male patients with more than 10 years history of diabetes were included to see association of Serum Testosterone with both: waist circumference & symptoms of sexual asthenia using ADAM Score. Weight, BP Waist circumference, total testosterone & HbA1C was measured. Association of sexual asthenia, waist circumference & low testosterone were assessed. Participants were divided into 3 groups on basis of 2 symptoms: group A with decreased sexual drive, group B with less strong erections group c with both symptoms. Any patient having free testosterone <9.2 nmol/L was labelled as testosterone deficient.

Results: Nominal variables were recorded as frequency/percentages and continuous data were expressed as mean±SD the participants were divide in 2 major groups; Group 1: non obese diabetics (18%), the mean age of participants was 52.6±6.2, waist circumference <88cm (mean±SD 80.89±3.91 weight (kg) 92.21±5.57, systolic BP (mean±SD) 146.22±8.4mmHg, diastolic BP (mean±SD) 85.45±6.9mmHg, (20%) had decreased sex drive, (28% had less strong erections and none of them had both symptoms: 6% had AIC 7.5-9 (mean±SD 7.7±0.26), 4% had AIC range 9.1-10.9 (mean±SD 9.1±0), 8% had AIC range 11-13 (mean±SD 11.5±0.25), while total testosterone (9nmole/L (mean±SD 8.96±0.16). Group 2 was divide into 2 sub-goups; Group 2A: Moderately obese diabetics; (38%), the mean age of was 54.9±4.0, waist circumference 93.16±4.52 weight (kg) 92.21±5.57, systolic BP (mean±SD) 152.73±8.51, diastolic BP (mean± SD) 92.84±6.04, 40% had decreased sex drive, 28% had less strong erections and 53% had both symptoms): 10% had A1c 7.5-9% (mean±SD 7.7±0.26), 12% had 9.1-10.9% (mean±SD 9.1±0), & 16% had 11-13% (mean±SD 11.5±0.25, total testosterone was 8.78±0.27. Group 2B:

Conclusion: Total testosterone was lower in type 2 diabetics with inadequate control. Periodic evaluation of serum testosterone in type 2 diabetics with sexual asthenia is advised as deficient testosterone can be adequately treated with supplementation to elevate the quality of life.

Keywords: Low testosterone, Sexual asthenia, HbA1C, Waist circumference, T2DM, Obesity

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