Mehak Iqbal, Mishal Iqbal, Syed Hashim Ali Inam, Anum Arif, Haider Iftikhar, Hamza Jamil

Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices – COVID-19

Mehak Iqbal, Mishal Iqbal, Syed Hashim Ali Inam, Anum Arif, Haider Iftikhar, Hamza Jamil



Background: Unparalleled measures have been taken to control the increasing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Peoples’ adherence to the control measures is affected by knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAP) towards COVID-19.

Aim: To investigate medical students’ of Rawalpindi and Islamabad KAP towards COVID-19 during this outbreak.

Methods: A sample of medical students was recruited by the authors via their networks with the medical students. A self-administered, close ended, online questionnaire was completed by the participants. It consisted of 9, 4 and 6 questions for knowledge, attitudes and practices respectively.

Results: Among the participants (n=374), 210(56.1%) were females and 318(85%) were enrolled in MBBS program as compared to BDS program. Approximately half the participants, 202(54%), felt they have adequate knowledge concerning COVID-19 and 263(70.3%) said they attained their knowledge from social media sources. Nearly all participants, 359(96%) felt they had their daily life disrupted by COVID-19 and 266(71.1%) participants were confident that COVID-19 may successfully be controlled in the near future. A vast majority, 342(91.4%) participants practiced self-isolation and 310(82.9%) participants wore masks before leaving their homes

Conclusions: Most participants were knowledgeable, optimistic and maintaining appropriate practices to minimize the spread of the disease. Due to the limited representative sample, we must be careful before generalizing these results for the whole population.

Keywords: Covid 19, KAP, pandemic

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