Sadia Ali, Saba Maqsood, Saba Akram, Madeha Hussain, Sana Akhtar, Aniqua Saleem

Occurrence of Portal Vein Thrombosis in Patients with Hepatocellular Cancer on Doppler Ultrasound

Sadia Ali, Saba Maqsood, Saba Akram, Madeha Hussain, Sana Akhtar, Aniqua Saleem



Background: Thrombosis in portal vein is a very significant cause of development of the portal hypertension. It is not an uncommon syndrome and mostly patients are asymptomatic. It usually detected during abdominal ultrasound for some other reason. Method: This Descriptive cross sectional study was conducted from March 2019 to February 2020 in the Radiology Department of Avicenna Hospital, Lahore. 100 patients with age above 30, having cirrhotic liver on ultrasound, including both genders and HCC confirmed on histopathologic examination were included in the study. Results: The mean age of patients was 54.28±11.50 years, mean size of HCC lesion was 3.96± 0.94 mm and mean diameter of portal vein was 12.64±2.23 mm. The portal vein diameter in hypertensive patients was 12.40 + 0.4mm, and diabetic patients was 12.69 + 0.45. Hepatitis C virus infection was the commonest etiology 67 (67%) followed by Hepatitis B and alcohol of liver cirrhosis. Conclusion: The conclusion of this study was that the frequency of portal vein thrombosis is common in people above 50 years of age, with hepatitis C as compare to Hepatitis B as cause of Hepatocellular cancer. Key words: Portal vein thrombosis, portal hypertension, hepatocellular carcinoma, cirrhosis, hepatitis

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