Sharifah Azdiana TD, Nuraini Sham, Mastura MS
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

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Background: Questionnaires or surveys are widely used as research instruments. Using an existing questionnaire will save time and resources, but it has to be validated to ensure its suitability and relevance for the targeted respondents.

Aim: To validate an adapted questionnaire to suit local setting.

Methods: This study was conducted in Johor Bahru, Malaysia among 30 blood donors, who were university and college students. Content and face validity were performed. This questionnaire was adapted from an existing questionnaire that has two domains (motivating and deterring factors). The domain of motivating factors contains two questions that have 12 and eight items, respectively. Meanwhile, the domain of deterring factors contains a question with eight items. Internal consistency validity was done using Cronbach’s alpha and exploratory factor analysisCronbach’s alpha was used for the reliability test. Data was analysed using SPSS, version 22.

Results: The final adapted questionnaire consisted of three domains and 27 items. Cronbach’s alpha values were acceptable in all domains, 0.739, 0.832 and 0.768.

Conclusions: The three domains with 27 items in this questionnaire were reliable and valid for use.

Keywords: Validation, Questionnaire, Motivating Factors, Deterring Factors

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