Samira Katebi1, Leilimosalanejad2, Leila Bazrafkan
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The midwife, as the first person who is in contact with the mother and newborn in healthcare centers, should have capability of early diagnosis of pregnancy and a high-risk labor.


Aim: This study aimed Tto develop a midwifery emergency curriculum using clinical Case-Based Crossword Games simulation as well as to assess learning in midwifery students.

Methods: The present study was a quasi-experimental study with a control group that was performed inthe midwifery groups of Islamic Azad University, Jahrom branch (40 students in each groups).

In this research, the effect of electronic puzzle game simulation on knowledge and performance was assessed andthen compared with a parallel group in 2 concurrent years. In order to evaluatethe level of satisfaction, an interview with the target group and open-ended questions were used.

Finally, the obtained data were analyzed using SPSS software version 23.

Results: Theresults showedthat, knowledge of theintervention group increased more than the control group. The mean of practical score in the experiment group increased from (5.95 vs 8.03), which was statistically significant (p-value <0.05). Students were satisfied with the use of educational game, and considered it a happy, profound, and effective way of learning, since it reinforces theirs sense of dominance and effective learning.

Conclusion: According to the obtained results, the use of educational games can be recommended for educating medical science groups.

Keywords: Midwifery, Medical Education, Game, Emergency course, Technology, Performance, Teaching, Learnings , Virual learning, E learning

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