Shaimaa Ahmed Qaisar, Ramal Ahmed Mustafa
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

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Micro trace elements in 12 brands of commercially liquid milk (banana milk, skim milk, and condensed milk) and dairy products (yogurt, cheese, butter, margarine, ice cream, and soft cheese), were examined by using ICP-OES. Mean concentrations of metals (ppm) in milk and dairy samples analyzed ranged between 0.2-0.96 ppm for Pb, 2.9 – 5.7 for Al, 2072.5 – 218.85 for P, and 13.6 – 27.3 for Fe. Results indicated high concentrations of Pb, especially in CMD condensed milk. Lowest concentrations of Pb were found in white condensed milk by liquid milk. Kurdish yogurt recorded higher minerals content in both Mn and Mg were 2 and 292.65 ppm, respectively. In the banana ice cream sample, the average concentration of Se, Zn, and Mn was 1.24, 4.38, and 1.6 ppm, respectively. The estimated daily intake of Zn, Fe, and Se from consumption of 200 ml reconstituted a daily enriched milk banana, suitable for infant or kids.

Keywords: Macro, trace Mineral, dairy products, public health, and ICP-OES

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