Ibadullah Sajid, Syeda Nusheen Fatima, Uzma Ashiq

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Aim: To assess the knowledge and satisfaction of the tuberculosis patients as well as their social acceptance within the community.

Methodology: In this quantitative descriptive cross-sectional study, multi stage sampling technique i.e. Stratified-Purposive was used to select the sample. Sample size for this study was taken as 200 TB patients out of total 668 registered patients. A semi-structured Interview schedule was used to collect the data while frequency analysis method was used to analyze the data.

Results: 80% patients were aware that TB is an infectious disease while 75% know that it is preventable. However, 70% respondents considered TB is a non-curable disease whereas 73% think that it is a fatal. 85% respondents reported that the attitude of the family members towards them was very much discouraging (25%) or discouraging (60%). 89% respondents were neglected by the family either to great extent (20%) or to some extent (69%). Merely 10% TB patients faced positive attitude from their community. 12% TB patients started treatment from government hospital and 8.5% from TB hospital/ Center from day first.

Conclusion: Sufficient knowledge and awareness regarding TB as a disease and health seeking behavior was deficient among the respondents. Lack of social acceptance by the family and community for the TB patients may be a big reason for high dissatisfaction of patients regarding health and current life situation..

Keywords: Tuberculosis, patients, knowledge, satisfaction, social acceptance, Pakistan.

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