Ansar Latif, Muhammad Haneef, Nida Saleem, Muhammad Qasim Butt, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Anila Ansar
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Ergonomics: Essential Aspect in Minimal Access Surgery; what are its effects?

Ansar Latif, Muhammad Haneef, Nida Saleem, Muhammad Qasim Butt, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Anila Ansar



Aim: To quantify the physical effects and symptoms in the surgical teams involved in minimal invasive surgery to see the importance of ergonomics.

Study Design: Questionnaire based Prospective study.

Place & duration of study: Department of General Surgery, Khawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College, Sialkot from June 2017 to June 2020.

Methodology: All subjects were having in common was being working with laparoscope in any capacity. We distributed questionnaire to the surgical teams who are having minimum of 5 years of working as laparoscopic surgeons or assistants. The points which were unclear were made clear by interviewing or calling on the phones. Institutional Ethical committee approval was obtained; similarly informed written consent from the personnel was taken for inclusion in the study. Two groups were formulated and results were tabulated. Group I included surgeons working as team leader or the main surgeon; while Group II included surgeons and OT staff who worked as assistants, camera handlers or trolley assistants during laparoscopic surgery.

Results: The total number of subjects included in study was 230 out of which operating surgeons was 20% and assistant was 80%. Subjects taken from public sector was 26.08% and from private sector was 73.91%. they were divided into two groups operating surgeon was 20% and assistant 80%. Physical problems expressed which concerned the surgical team was discuss in two groups. Pain in thumbs was 8.69% in surgeon and 0% in assistant. Foot ache in surgeon was 26.08% and 5.37% in assistant. Shoulder pain in surgeon was 26.08% and assistant was 5.37%. Stress in surgeon was 21.73% and in assistant was 0% Complication caused by inexperienced surgeon was 20%, inexperienced assistant 46.95% ,small space in OT (operation theatre) was 15.62%, poor quality of equipment was 58.26% mismatch between heights of team members was7.83%, mismatch between team member and laparoscopy monitor was 10.43%, long operating time was 27.82%, stress and tension due to increased complications as compared to conventional method was 13.04%, dissatisfaction of patients was 4.34%.

Conclusion: Laparoscopic surgery is practiced routinely in all levels of surgical practice. It causes definite physical problems like backache in assistants and team members especially the problems are alarming during initial phases. The frequency is more in assisting team while the experienced surgeons and especially team leaders are quite safe from these physical problems.

Keywords: Ergonomics, minimal invasive surgery, team leader, assistants

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