Sadaf Khan, Basma Aziz, Urooj Ishrat, Tehseen Fatima Zeb, Rafat Amin, Shaukat Ali

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Comparative Evaluation of Salivary Protein Profile and Oxidative Stress Status among Smokers/ Non-Smokers

Sadaf Khan, Basma Aziz, Urooj Ishrat, Tehseen Fatima Zeb, Rafat Amin, Shaukat Ali



Aim: To evaluate salivary protein-profile and oxidative stress status in young healthy adult smokers and non-smokers.

Method: Saliva samples were collected from a total of 46 individuals, including non-smokers (n=26) and smokers (n=20) through drooling method. All participants were males, healthy and aged 18-35 years. Salivary flow rate and pH was noted. Total salivary protein concentration, oxidative stress status and amylase activity was measured by spectrophotometric assays. Salivary protein-profile was evaluated by SDS-PAGE.

Results: Our results showed that salivary pH was significantly lowered in smokers. Significant increase in levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) were found in smokers as compared to non-smokers (p<0.05). Significant difference was not found in total salivary protein concentration and amylase activity. However, differences were observed in frequency and intensity of protein bands. Seven predominant protein bands of molecular weight ranging from <11-100kDa were observed and frequency of <11kDa protein bands were found to be higher in smokers.

Conclusion: Increased ROS levels in smokers indicate an oxidative imbalance in these subjects. Differences observed in salivary protein-profile needs further investigations centered on identifying whole salivary proteome which may help in determining early biomarkers for tobacco related oral diseases.

Keywords: Saliva, Oxidative stress, Protein profile, Cigarette smoke, Reactive Oxygen Species

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