Ikhra Asiman, Ansar Latif, Anila Ansar, Muhammad Nadeem Shafique, Muhammad Qasim Zia, Nida Saleem

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How Covid-19 Pandemic Effects Dialysis Patients in Sialkot District; A Cohort Study

Ikhra Asiman, Ansar Latif, Anila Ansar, Muhammad Nadeem Shafique, Muhammad Qasim Zia, Nida Saleem



Aim: To analyze the complications related to Covid-19 that occur in patients undergoing hemodialysis how sign and symptoms and investigations helped us making diagnosis .

Study Design: comparative, analytic, retrospective study

Place and duration of study: Sialkot kidney hospital defence road Sialkot from March 2020 to September 2020.

Methods: 700 dialysis patients were enrolled after informed consent; observed of their symptoms and course of management throughout 6 months .The diagnosed and critical patients were admitted in relevant hospitals until recovered from covid 19 .Data is collected and analysed about the covid 19 sign and symptoms with progression or regression , recovery of patients and mortality caused by covid 19 and other than covid- 19. The patients with positive report of PCR for Covid-19 were included in Group I while patients with negative reports were included in the Group II. All ages and gender were included. The follow up of one month was mandatory to be included in the study.

Results: The patients participated in study are 651. Patients age range is from child of 8 years to 85 years old , males are 408 almost twice the number of women 243. Group I shows 250 covid -19 positive patients while group II represents the 401 covid-19 negative patients. Total 100 patients are suspected from which 58patients are positive HRCT findings with positive antibodies of covid-19 while from 42 patients have normal HRCT scan only 9 patients have antibodies positive 33 patients have negative antibodies. Group I (Covid-19 +) n=250 (100%) has 22 (08.80) Hepatitis B positive patients while Group II (Covid -19-) n=401(100%) has 52 (12.96) patients. Similarly for hep c positive group I has 78 (31.20)and group II has 113 (28.17) patients .remaining are normal negative patients for hepatitis virus 150(60.00) in group I and 235 (58.60) in group II. 20 (08.00) covid positive patients has increased d dimer level on the other hand only 2 (00.49) has in group II. Serum cpk positive is in 20 (08) while in group II 5(01.20). a the end mortaliy rate remains in group I is 13 (05.20) while in group II is 9 (02.24).

Conclusion: Hemo Dialysis patients are immunocompromised and more susceptable to novel corona virus. Precautionary measures plays a vital role . Death rate due to covid 19 remained 3 % while in noncompliance and recovered covid patients can go toward complications and became criticaly ill. The patients on hemodialysid, with covid-19 positive the complications were aggressive and mortality had quick course with less reaction time

Keywords: Hemo-dialysis , CT SCAN ,antibodies , d dimmers , CPK (creatine phosphokinase)

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