Mashael Ahmed Shamekh Almufarrij, Kashaf Junaid, Hasan Ejaz

Oral Biofilm: Insight into Pathogenesis and Management Strategies

Mashael Ahmed Shamekh Almufarrij, Kashaf Junaid, Hasan Ejaz



There are hundreds of microorganisms in the oral cavity found in the form of planktonic cells or embedded in biofilms. Oral biofilm consists of a diverse community of microorganisms embedded in an extracellular polysaccharide matrix. The biofilm that forms on the teeth' hard or soft tissues is the leading cause of tooth decay, tooth pulp, and gum disease, developing a unique attachment as a dynamic process influenced by the medium's growth substratum and cell surface. Increased knowledge of biofilm processes can lead to novel, efficient biofilm management control strategies and improved patient management. The present review focuses on the development of oral biofilms and provides information about microorganisms contributing to the formation of oral biofilm.

Keywords: Biofilm, Oral microbes, Dental caries, Dental plaque, Oral health, Pathogenesis, Oral microbial management

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