Muhammad Azeem, Fareeha Bukhari, Munawar Manzoor, Ali Raza, Arfan Ul Haq, Waheed Ul Hamid




Background: The mini-clinical evaluation exercise (mini-CEX) is one of latest workplace based (WBA) assessment tool. This WBA tool is often used to assess overall clinical performance of residents. The unique feature of mini-CEX tool is that conduct sessions are followed by structured feedback.

Aim: The objective of this quasi-experimental study was to find out the effectiveness of mini-CEX as assessment tool for postgraduate orthodontic trainees.

Methods: The present study was conducted at orthodontic department of FMU/PMC, Faisalabad and deā€™Mont, Lahore. Total 10 postgraduate trainees participated in this study after informed consent. The initial session was conducted for sensitizing trainees about mini-CEX. Each resident had 2 clinical sessions with all the experts to perform a mini-CEX orthodontic exercise which was followed by 5 minutes structured feedback by same faculty members. 

Results: The mini-CEX exercise sessions were followed by feedbacks from patients, trainees and experts.  The result of the study showed that mean evaluation scores of all the residents improved significantly in the later session as compared to the initial session. The results were significantly different when session 1 vs session 2 mean scores of mini-CEX were compared (P value = 0.001). The multisource feedback showed that patients, assessors and trainees perceived this mini-CEX exercise helpful and effective.

Conclusion: Therefore it was concluded that mini-CEX is of the effective assessment tool of WBA for postgraduate orthodontic residents. 

 Keywords: Mini-CEX; Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise; Medical Education; Orthodontics; Assessment.

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