Faran Kiani,, Naeem Ahmed Butt,, Muhammad Nawaz, Jamil Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Amjad

Fall in Hemoglobin as a Measure of Intra-Operative Bleed in Previously Operated and New Cases Undergoing PCNL

Faran Kiani,, Naeem Ahmed Butt,, Muhammad Nawaz, Jamil Ahmed Khan, Muhammad Amjad




Background: Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is a procedure to remove stones from the kidney. Intra-operative bleeding is one of the known complications in previously operated cases. Hemoglobin drop during PCNL with or without history of prior open renal surgery may differ so we conducted this study.

Aim: To determine the mean drop in hemoglobin in patients undergoing PCNL and mean hemoglobin in previously operated versus new cases undergoing PCNL.

Methods: This descriptive cross sectional study was done at Armed Forces Institute of Urology Rawalpindi from 20-03-2015 to 20-09-2015. A total of 90 patients were selected. Non-probability purposive sampling technique was used. Blood samples taken on 1st day and 24 hours post operatively. Drop in hemoglobin was calculated.

Results: The mean age of patients was 43.68±13.14 years and male to female ratio was 2.2:1. Mean size of stone was 2.54±0.62cm and overall mean fall in Hb was 1.05±0.45mg/dl. 31.11% of the cases were previously operated while 68.89% were new cases. The mean fall in Hb value in previously operated cases was 1.23±0.31mg/dl and mean fall in Hb value in new cases was 0.97±0.49mg/dl. The significant distinction was present between the falls in Hb values.

Conclusion: It is concluded that statistically significant more drop in the Hb values in previously operated cases as compared to new cases.

Keywords: PCNL, Previously operated, Bleeding, Hemoglobin.

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