Muhammad Ahsan Masood, Bushra Maqsood




Aim: To determine the diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound and in pregnant women at risk for placenta accretea.

Methodology: A cohort study was performed in radiological department of General Hospital, Lahore. Record from June, 2019 to September, 2019 was reviewed to identify patients with a diagnosis of placenta accreta to determine the accuracy of pelvic ultrasonography and MRI in the diagnosis of placenta accreta.

Results: 18 women confirmed placenta accreta by ultrasound. 15 were not confirmed with this analysis. 18 women with confirmation of placenta accreta by ultrasound were sent for MRI confirmation. Of these 18 women, 15 women were confirmed with placenta accreta by MRI. The sensitivity of MRI in this study was 100%.

Conclusion: Two modalities were used to confirm the diagnostic accuracy of pregnant women at risk of Placenta accreta.

Keywords: PA (Placenta accreta), US (Ultrasonography), MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging),

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