Naseera Khanum, Waqas A Locum, Asma Riaz, Bushra Rehman, Khadija Nasir, Tabinda Naik, J Mohsin, A Pervaiz




Aim: Size discrepancy of residual tumor between post chemotherapy sonography and on post excision histopathology after neo adjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) and its impact on 5 years disease free survival.

Methodology: The date was retrospectively reviewed between Jan 2012 to Dec 2012. Total 88 patients were included. All patients received chemotherapy before surgery. Both mastectomy and BCS were included. Ultrasound examination was done before surgery and final H/P sizes were noted. Discrepancies lesser than 10mm were ignored b/c of operator dependency and b/c both were different mode of examinations.

Results: Out of 88 patients 22 (25%) showed zero discrepancy, 45 (51%) patients showed discrepancies lesser than 10mm. 21(23%) patients showed more than 10mm discrepancy. Out of these 21 patients, in 9 patients ultrasound showed lesser size and in 12 patients ultrasound showed larger size. Largest discrepancy was shown to be 100mm in which ultrasound showed no lesion (occult) however on final H/P it was 100mm. Second largest discrepancy was 48mm in which ultrasound showed 48mm tumor size, however, final H/P showed no tumor (occult). All patients were followed for 5 years. Total 30 patients out of 88 (34%) showed recurrence.

Conclusion: The ultrasound examination by large is a sensitive mode for determining size of tumor after NAC as shown in our study.

Keywords: Neo adjuvant chemotherapy, ultrasound, discrepancy

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