Sohail Anjum, Nighat Nadeem, Muhammad Ashraf, Ali Anwar Sulehri, Hafsa Sohail, Maheen Sohail

Status of Indicators of Quality Enhancement of Academic Program in a medical college, Lahore

Sohail Anjum, Nighat Nadeem, Muhammad Ashraf, Ali Anwar Sulehri, Hafsa Sohail, Maheen Sohail




Aim: To identify the indicators which enhance quality of academic program in a medical college.

Methodology: A cross-sectional survey was carried out in February, 2019 in a private medical college in Lahore by distributing questionnaires to available MBBS classes which yielded 130 responses, medical faculty members with 51 responses, alumni with 25 respondents and five employers responded. Filled out questionnaires were collected and the relevant data was analyzed using SPSS version 25.

Results: Out of 130 medical students 64(49.2%) strongly agreed that the program was tough and placed a lot of pressure and 69(53%) agreed’ that the program effectively increased team work; while 67(51.5%) agreed the program supports learning effectively. Majority of the faculty > 65% were satisfied with the teaching, intellectual stimulation and research facilitation, and >75% were satisfied with interaction with students and colleagues. Majority of alumni and employers were of the opinion that the post-graduation training facilities may be provided in this institution. Another member added that research environment may be inculcated in the organization and discipline of faculty and the students be ensured.

Conclusion: The quality indicators as student and faculty feedback suggested positive academic changes. Alumni and employer academic perceptions suggested improving graduate abilities adopting institutional formal quality processes leads to quality assurance of the medical program. Quality indicators may have multiple applications: for guiding policy makers; to provide stakeholder information sources, assisting providers to conduct initiatives for quality improvement and evaluating impact of such initiatives.

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