Ejaz Ahmed Awan, Nadia Aslam, Abdul Samad
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Background: The second leading cause of accidental injuries is burn. Burn injuries involve multiple organs. The most common causes of death among these patients are multi-organ failure and sepsis.

Aim: To analyze the histopathologic findings on autopsy among patients who died due to burn related complications

Study design: Cross-sectional study

Place and duration of study: Department of Forensic Medicine& Toxicology and Department of Pathology, Peoples University of Medical & Health Sciences for Women, Nawabshah Shaheed Benazirabad from 1stJanuary 2016 to 31stDecember 2018.

Methods: One hundred and thirteen patients died in the hospital setting secondary of complications due to burn injuries were enrolled.Patients with death due to burns underwent biopsy of liver and kidney to evaluate the underlying histologic findings.Histologic specimens were taken from liver and kidney and stored in 10% formaldehyde solution.

Results: On autopsy of patients who died due to burn related complications 41(36.2%) had normal liver histology, 47(41.5%) had sinusoidal dilation and congestion, 7(6%) had fatty liver, 7(6%) had hemorrhage while 11(9.7%) had necrosis. On autopsy of kidney, 37(32.7%) had normal histologic findings, 42(37%) had cellular swelling and congestion whereas 34(30%) had tubular necrosis.

Conclusion:The management of patients with adequate fluid replacement, antibiotics to prevent infection, dietary modifications which involve replacing the lost protein and graded resistance exercises can improve the management of these patients

Keywords: Burn injuries, Histopathologic changes, Liver, Kidney

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