ShaguftaTasneem,,UsamaMunir, ZafarIqbal, RehanaElahi, ShamilaAfshan
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Assessment and Measurement of Site Pressure Pain by using NPRS in patients undergoing PCI

ShaguftaTasneem,,UsamaMunir, ZafarIqbal, RehanaElahi, ShamilaAfshan




Background: There are few studies on assessment and measurement of site pressure pain after percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) using Numeric Pain Rating Scale (NPRS). We compared the PCI procedure using radial or femoral approaches during hospitalization.

Aim: To assess and measure of site pressure pain by using NPRS  in patients undergoing coronary invasive procedures in trans-radial versus trans-femoral approach and to determine the association of access site pressure pain and morbidities in trans-radial versus trans-femoral approaches.

Methods: The cross-sectional analytical study enrolled systematic random sample of 75 patients (both genders) with coronary artery disease that underwent coronary invasive procedures from Punjab Institute of Cardiology & Sheikh Zyed Hospital, Lahore. Data were obtained on pressure pain at puncture site of patient following procedure and recorded on questionnaire using Numeric Rating Pain Scale (NRPS). Data was analyzed using SPSS version 21.

Results: There were total of 52 males and 23 females in both groups with P-value 0.572. The transradial access group consisted of males 24(32%) and females 9(12%), whereas the transfemoral group was comprised of 14(18.7%) females and 28(37.3%) males. The mean age of the patients were 50.86 ±8.9 and 52.06 ±8.093 years in both groups. Mean BMI of the patients with transfemoral and transradial approach were 26.74±3.89 and 27.81±5.33. There was insignificant difference in level of pain with age and gender with p-values 0.052, 0.064. Statistically significant level of pain was associated with overweight patients resulting p -value 0.299 > 0.05 

Conclusion: It is concluded that those patients who underwent angiography through transfemoral approach experienced more discomfort as compared to the patients having transradial approach.

Keywords: Percutaneous coronary intervention          PCI,        Numeric Pain Rating scale, NPRS  

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