AftabAlam, EjazIqbal, NidaJaved, Muhammad UmairSamee, MunawarFarid, Muhammad Iqbal
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Antibiotic Prophylaxis in Breast Cancer Surgery: is it really needed?

AftabAlam, EjazIqbal, NidaJaved, Muhammad UmairSamee, MunawarFarid, Muhammad Iqbal




Background: Breast cancer is the leading cancer globally. Surgical resection is being considered the primary treatment option for centuries, with intentions of curing localized tumor or extending and improving the quality of life of others. Surgical site infection (SSI) is one of the several risks associated with breast cancer surgery and prophylactic antibiotics can reduce the chances of SSI. But there was no local evidence observed in literature. So we conducted this study. The objective of this study is to compare the frequency of surgical site infection with prophylactic antibiotics versus placebo in females undergoing breast cancer surgery.

Methods: This present randomized control trial was conducted at Department of Surgery, Sahara Medical College Narowal. Informed consent was taken from all the participating patients. Sampling was done using non-probability purposive sampling technique. Demographic information (name, age, contact) was also obtained. Patients were randomized prospectively into antibiotic group (Group A; n=95) or placebo group (Group B; n=95) groups by using lottery method. Patients were admitted in ward one day before surgery. Group A was given 1.2g co-amoxiclav, 30 minutes before incision preoperatively and 2 doses postoperatively for 24 hours while the group B was given tablet of same size and shape containing vitamins but not any antibiotic. All females underwent surgery by a single surgical team. After surgery patients were shifted to ward and followed up for 7 days before discharge from the hospital. Then they were followed up in OPD on day 15th and 30th for assessment of wound and if found any sign of infection, then surgical site infection was labeled

Results: In our study the mean age of the patients was 55.23±8.61 years. The SSI at day 7 was noted in 7.37% patients, at day 15 it was found in 6.3% patients and at day 30 it was observed in 10.53% patients. SSI at day 30 was noted in 20 cases in which all the 20 cases were from group B. Statistically significant difference was found between the study groups and the SSI at day 30 of the patients. i. e p-value=0.000

Conclusion: According to our study results the prophylactic antibiotics significantly reduce the risk of SSI in breast cancer patients at follow up as compared to placebo group patients.

Keywords: Breast cancer, Surgical Site Infection, Prophylactic antibiotics, Placebo

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