MadehaHussain, NazishHameed, Najaf Abbas, Sadia Ali, Saba Akram, Saba Maqsood
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Positive Predictive Value of Ultrasound in Determination of Malignant Thyroid Nodule

MadehaHussain, NazishHameed, Najaf Abbas, Sadia Ali, Saba Akram, Saba Maqsood




Background: Thyroid nodule is a discrete lesion which is ultrasonographically distinct from the surrounding thyroid parenchyma.Overall risk of malignancy in thyroid nodule is 5-10%. Thyroid carcinoma accounts for <1%of all malignant neoplasms.High resolution thyroid ultrasound is used as a screening procedure in clinical evaluation for detecting and characterizing nodular thyroid disease.

Aim: To determine the positive predictive value of ultrasound in determination of malignant thyroid nodules having ultrasonographic features of microcalcification and shape (which is taller than wide) taking histopathology as gold standard.

Methods: It was a Cross-sectional survey which was carried out in 100 patients. Linear array high frequency probes (frequency 7-10MHz) scanning was done at the department of Radiology. Then patients were sent to the department of pathology for histopathological examination.

Results: Most common age group was 46-55 years with mean age of 38.62±13.25 years. Out of 100 patients, 41 patients (41%) were males while 59 patients (59%) were females. Out of 100 positive cases of possible malignant thyroid nodule on sonography, 82 cases were true positive and 18 cases were false positive. Positive predictive value of high resolution thyroid ultrasound was 82%.

Conclusion: High resolution thyroid ultrasound is highly helpful for diagnosis of malignant thyroid nodule.

Keywords: Thyroid carcinoma, Positive predictive value of thyroid sonography, thyroid, microcalcification.

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