MirzaAhsanAyub, Muhammad Akhlaque, IrumShahzad, SarmadImtiaz, Saira Khan
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Efficacy of Pneumatic Lithoclast in the Management of Different Metabolic Types of Stones in Lower Ureter

MirzaAhsanAyub, Muhammad Akhlaque, IrumShahzad, SarmadImtiaz, Saira Khan




Aim: To evaluate the efficacy of pneumatic lithoclast in management of different metabolic types of stones in the lower one third of ureter.

Methodology: Sixty patients of both genders aged above 12  years. Inclusion criteria was patients with a single ureteric stone of size 5mm to 15mm. Stone size was determined with pre op CT scan . Patients were evaluated for stone clearance after 4 weeks, with X-ray KUB, ultrasound. A written informed consent was obtained from parents of every patient. All the data were recorded in a proforma and analyzed in SPSS version 22.

Results: The age of the patients ranged from 12 years to 60 years with a mean of42.68±8.08. Majority of the patients were aged between 35-60 years (83.3%) followed by 12-34 years (16.7%). There were 41 (68.3%) male and 19 (31.7%) female patients in the study group with a male to female ratio of 2.2:1. Stone size ranged from 5mm to 15mm with a mean of 10.82±2.01mm. It was in right ureter in 27 (45%) and left ureter in 33 (55%) patients.Ca. oxalate stones were most frequent and were observed in 32 (53.3%) patients followed by struvite (18.3%), Ca. phosphate (15%), uric acid (8.3%) and cysteine (5%) stones as shown in Pie-Chart 3.Stone clearance was observed in 58 (96.7%) patients. When stratified, there was no significant difference in the frequency of stone clearance across various age (p=0.520), gender (p=0.571), size (p=0.847) and type of stones (p=0.787) and anatomical side (p=0.885) groups.

Conclusion: The frequency of stone clearance was found to be 96.7% with pneumatic lithoclast in patients with single stone of 5-15mm in lower third of ureter which advocate its routine use in future urological practice.

Keywords: Intracorporeal lithotripsy, pneumatic lithotripsy, ureteric stone

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