Imran Ansari, Muhammad Akhlaque, Irumshahzad, SarmadImtiaz,Saira Khan

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Comparison of Recurrence Rate between Internal Optical Urethrotomy and End to End Urethroplasty

Imran Ansari, Muhammad Akhlaque, Irumshahzad, SarmadImtiaz,Saira Khan




Aim: To compare recurrence rate between internal optical urethrotomy and end to end urethroplasty in patients with anterior urethral stricture up to 1.5 cm.

Methodology: Comparative Cross-Sectional Study was conducted in Department of Urology, Mayo hospital during June 2016 to July 2018. Sample size of eighty patients (forty patients in each group A&B respectively) were estimated by using Nonprobability convenience sampling.

Group A treated with End to End urethroplasty where group B Patients treated with IOU for same length of stricture. Recurrence rate was evaluated on follow –up after 3 month. Data was collected and entered in SPSS-20.

Results: Recurrence after three months in patients showed significant difference as p value is (0.002) which is less than 0.5 also 0.1 % of level of significance. In group A i.e. end to end urethroplasty 8 (20.0 %) patients respond on yes and 32 (80.0 %) patients respond on no. Which indicate that less chance of recurrence in end to end urethroplasty. In group B i.e. internal optical urethroplasty 21 (52.5 %) patients respond on yes and 19 (47.5 %) patients respond on no. which indicates that the chance of recurrence is more in internal optical urethrotomy than end to end urethroplasty.

Conclusion: study concluded that urethroplasty is best for the treatment of urethral stricture up to 1.5 cm. In few cases the urethrotomy option may also be best in outcome after a subsequent urethroplasty. The main difference in urethroplasty and urethrotomy is the recurrence and the rate of recurrence is less in urethroplasty. So we conclude and proposed that urethroplasty is best option.

Keywords:  stricture urethra, urethroplasty, recurrence

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