KhuramJameel, RabbiaSaeed, BasitSaeed, Aun Jamal, ArujAlam, AsifHanif

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Comparison of Onlay versus SublayHernioplasty for Ventral Hernia

KhuramJameel, RabbiaSaeed, BasitSaeed, Aun Jamal, ArujAlam, AsifHanif




Background: Onlay and Sublay Hernioplasty for ventral hernias are commonly performed techniques. However, it remains unclear which technique is better.

Aim: To compare the outcome of on-lay versus sublay hernioplasty in ventral hernia presenting in our setup.

Methods: This randomized controlled trial was done at surgical unit IV of Services Hospital Lahore. The duration of this study was on year i.e., from Feb, 2017 till Jan 2019. An approval was taken from hospital ethical committee. Consecutive sampling technique was used. Patients were randomly divided in two equal groups using random number tables in Group A: Onlay hernioplasty and Group B: Sublay hernioplasty.  All procedures were performed by a single operating team to control bias. Patients were followed up 1st, 2nd, and 4th weeks for seroma formation.

Results: The mean age of cases in this study was 39.47±11.24 years and there were 33(55%) male and 27(45%) female cases with higher male to female ratio. During first week after surgery in On-lay and Sub-lay group seroma was seen in 9(30%) and 2(6.7%) respectively, p-value = 0.020. After 2nd week post operatively seroma was seen in 6(20%) of the cases in onlay group and 1(3.3%) of the sublay group, p-value = 0.044. And at 4th week follow up, seroma was seen in 6(20%) of the cases in Onlay mesh group and 1(3.3%) of sublay mesh group, p-value=0.044.

Conclusion: In the light of results, we found that Sublay mesh repair has better compliance as lesser seroma formation and low recurrence rate.

Keywords: Ventral Hernia, Hernioplasty, Onlay Mesh, Sublay Mesh


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