Muhammad Ali, Nudrat Rashid, Muhammad Alam Khan, Ayesha Anwar

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Pattern of admission and outcome of low birth weight neonates in tertiary care hospital

Muhammad Ali, Nudrat Rashid, Muhammad Alam Khan, Ayesha Anwar




Background: Pakistan is among the countries with highest neonatal deaths with an estimated 245,000 neonatal deaths annually and reported neonatal mortality rate of 46 per 1000 live births.

Aim: To determine the pattern of low birth weight neonates and their outcome in the Neonatal Unit of Mayo Hospital, Lahore.

Methods: This cross-sectional study was conducted in the neonatal unit of department of Pediatrics, Mayo hospital Lahore from July 2016 to June 2017. All low birth weight babies (<2500 grams) admitted in first 24 hours of life in neonatal units of Mayo Hospital, Lahore were included in the study by non-probability convenient sampling. Data was analyzed by SPSS 24 and was presented as frequency table.

Results: In present study, total 2142 newborns were enrolled. Out of 2142, 200(9.3%) were <1000 grams, 583(27.21%) were 1000-1499 grams and 1359 (63.4%) were 1500-2500 grams. Out of 2142, 631(29.45%) did not survived while 1511(70.54%) survived.

Conclusion: In our study, majority of newborns were moderately low birth weight. This could be reduced by proper antenatal care and in time referral to tertiary care centers of all high risk pregnancies. 

Keywords   Newborn, Low birth weight, outcome


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