FaizaGhafoor, MuntihaSarosh, Nadia Zahid, Kokab Zia

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Aim: To determine the incidence of acceptance and the reasons of refusal of PPIUCD in antenatal and post natal women .

Study Design:Cross sectional study.

Place & duration of study: The study was conducted in the department of Obs. &Gynae ,Avicenna Hospital , Lahore for the period of One year (Jan 2019 to Dec 2019).

Methodology: After approval from the ethical committee of Avicenna Hospital Lahore, 108eligible pregnant women attending the OPD and labor room were enrolled in the study. Informed consent was taken. Non-probability convenience sampling technique was used. Afterwards they were counseled for PPIUCD and a validated questionnaire including age, parity, educational and socioeconomic status, awareness of PPIUCD, willingness for PPIUCD insertion and reasons of refusal was used to collect data. Logistic regression analysis was used to find out significance of the above-mentioned factors.

Results: The mean age of the woman was 26.7  years  with the standard deviation of 4.4.Only 24 % women were aware of PPIUCD . Acceptance rate of PPIUCD was 12.96 % and 67.59 % refused PPIUCD , while 19.44 % were convinced but wanted to discuss the family .Prior awareness of PPIUCD was a strong predictor for acceptance therefore the women who had no prior knowledge about the method were the most to refuse  69.04 %  . On enquiring husband / Family's disagreement was found to be the most frequent reason for refusal .( 29.7 % ) .Many of the ladies wanted Permanent Method for contraception and other were more  concerned regarding the risk of complication . Refusal rate was highest amongst P0 and Primipara ladies ,64.28 % and 62.50 % respectively .

Conclusion: The awareness about availability of PPIUCD is quite low because it is recently introduced in the family planning methods. The acceptance rate of PPIUCD after dedicated counseling is good despite low awareness. The most frequent reason of refusal is husband and family disagreement. The acceptance can further be enhanced by dissemination of information and appropriate counseling in antenatal clinic.

Key words: Awareness, Acceptance, Reasons Of Refusal, PPIUCD

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