Muhammad SajidMunir, BurhanRasheed, Muhammad Zubair, Hassan Shaukat, AbrarUl Hassan Pirzada, M Shoaib

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Spectrum of Ocular Injuries at Stone Crushing Industry

Muhammad SajidMunir, BurhanRasheed, Muhammad Zubair, Hassan Shaukat, AbrarUl Hassan Pirzada, M Shoaib




Purpose: To determine the pattern, proportion, burden and impact of eye injuries presenting at emergency department of Niazi Medical And Dental College from stone crushing industry Sargodha.

Method: The study was conducted from Jan 2018 to Dec 2019 at Niazi Welfare Teaching Trust Hospital affiliated with Niazi Medical and Dental College Sargodha. It was prospective interventional study. Patient were selected on the basis of convenience sampling method. The detail history of every patient was taken like Age, sex, site, time and source of trauma. Examination carried out by torch and slit lamp and if necessary retinal examination also done. Patients are investigated for general anesthesia if surgery needed. OtherInvestigations like B-scan and X-ray done to rule out Intraocular foreign body in patients with history of foreign body in eye. CT scan and MRI done arealso done along with headinjury involvement.

Results:  250 cases were enrolled in this study. Out of which 90% were presented In emergency and 10%were referral from dispensary or general practitioner. The major source of injury was blasting at mountains. Next important was stone crushing. Most type of injury was blunt trauma in which corneal foreign body was top of list and other type of blunt trauma need medical treatment in most cases. Around 18% patients admitted for eye surgery intervention. Around 10% referred to Vitreo retinal eye surgeon for further Intervention. Most workers injured at stone crushing industry they were illiterate.

Conclusion: Eye trauma is a important cause of unilateral and bilateral cause instone crushing industry. These workers are young and few percentage loss of total vision. It is great trauma to their families. Most are illiterate and belong to poor socioeconomic status so socially and psychologically they are great burden on the country. There should be health insurance for them. Ministry of mining should made strict rules and make their proper law enforcement.

Keywords: ocular injuries, penetrating Eye Injury, blindness

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