Huda M Faisal, Wasnaa Aelias, Thukaa t Yahya, Salwah h. Almukhtar
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Histopathological Study of Breast Cancer among Women in Mosul City-Iraq

Huda M Faisal, Wasnaa Aelias, Thukaa t Yahya, Salwah h. Almukhtar




Aim: To identify the characteristics of women with Breast cancer in Mosul city about their age at diagnosis, disease stage, grade, and type of tumor

Methodology: This study was approved by the ethical research committee at Nineveh health directorate. A cross-sectional study was carried out in the city of Mosul-Iraq, Al Khanssa teaching hospital for the period between 2019 -2020. Information related to the patients was gathered via construct information sheet. Study samples were obtained through biopsies taken from breast surgeries or mastectomy operations. The sample was preserved in formalin solution with a concentration of 10%, followed by treatment with automatic histoquinet tissue, paraffin embedded and sectioned at 3-five microns before staining with H and E.

Results: the finding of the present study shows that most women beyond to age group (40-50) years and mean age at diagnosis is 47 years. Most women were in T2, stage III, and grade III, respectively at the diagnosis. The majority of women with noninvasive ductal carcinoma

Conclusion: Breast cancer in the City of Mosul is relatively limited, but it affects the younger age group and is presented beyond the early stage with higher pathological grade.

Keywords: Breast, Cancer, Mosul, Iraq.

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