B. Ashraf, S. Ahmad, K. Ashraf, S. Kanwal, S. Ashraf, N. Khan, M. Nouman, S. Shafique

Effectiveness of Spinal Mobilization with Leg Movement Versus McKenzie Back Extension Exercises in Lumbar Radiculopathy

B. Ashraf, S. Ahmad, K. Ashraf, S. Kanwal, S. Ashraf, N. Khan, M. Nouman, S. Shafique



Background: Lumbar Radiculopathy is characterized as radiating pain along with some sensory and motor deficits in lower back and hip into the leg. Manual therapy techniques like Spinal mobilization with leg movement and McKenzie Extension exercise seems to be effective in treating and managing the symptoms associated with Radiculopathy.

Aim: To make comparison between effects of Spinal mobilization with leg Movement versus McKenzie Extension exercise to manage the Lumbar Radiculopathy.

Methods: The present Randomized Control Trial included 60 patients of age 28-50 years with Lumbar radiculopathy were grouped into two by sealed envelope method; the first group (A) was Experimental Group, while the other group (B) was the control Group and were selected from City hospital Multan from February 2018 to June 2018. The study participants were requested to complete the protocol for 4 weeks (3 days per week, 30 repetitions in one session). All the subjects were examined before and after the tests, for pain intensity (NPRS), functional Mobility measured by MODI and range of motion by goniometry.

Results: Results of the study showed significant decrease in pain intensity on NPRS (P< 0.05) and MODI Scoring (P<0.05) with noticeable improvement in Functions and range of motion measured by Goniometry. (Readings were taken at 1st session and at the end of the completion of the session). Pain was equally reduced in both groups while improvement in MODI scoring and Range of motion was more significant in experimental group (A) with respect to the control group (B).

Conclusion: Study showed that both techniques SMWLW and McKenzie Extension Exercises were effective in improving the pain, decreasing the severity and MODI Scoring while SMWLM is more effective in improving range of motion.

Keywords: Lumbar Radiculopathy, Spinal mobilization with leg movement, McKenzie Extension Exercises

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