Tazeen Kohari, Zaffar Iqbal Malik, Faiza Irshad




Background: The female reproductive organs include uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries, these organs when exposed to drugs and metals lead to anatomical damage resulting in infertility.

 Researchers have documented the harmful effects of the favorable antidepressant Lithium Carbonate on many human viscera‚Äôs but  even today the medicinal world has scarce knowledge of the ablation  of ovarian anatomy by lithium carbonate.

Aim: To study and document the results of the detrimental effects of Lithium on the ovaries.

Methods: We selected Twenty four adult female rats for this observational and experimental study. The female albinos were divided into two groups. Twelve animals were present in Group A and Group B consisted of twelve female rats. The hygienically prepared laboratory diet which consisted of flour pellets and green vegetables was given to Group A animals and Group B rodents received Lithium carbonate in powder form for eight weeks. After completion of the study time animals were sacrificed and weight of ovaries were recorded and compared in both groups.

Results: The results in Group B documented that animals had a highly significantly decline in ovarian weight after chronic Lithium carbonate than in Group A.

Conclusion: Our prospective study concluded that chronic administration of Lithium Carbonate   causes distortion of its tissue and highly significant decrement of weight of the ovary.

Keywords: Ovary, decrement, infertility

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