Fatima Fadel Benyian, Rabea Mohsen Ali
Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences

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Labor and birth require a woman to use all the psychological and physical coping methods available. Fear of childbirth is a complex phenomenon that effected by many factors such as women’s demographic characteristics, and social support.

Aim: To evaluate women’s fear of childbirth and find out the association between women's fear and study variables.

Methods: Descriptive study of non-probability (purposive sample) was used to collect the data from (100) women. A pilot-test is conducted to determine the reliability of the questionnaire. Data were analyzed through the use of SPSS.

Results: The highest percentage (44%) of women’s age was (20-29) years, graduated from secondary school. The majority of women have planned pregnancies, about one-third of them in gestational age 32 weeks. More than two-thirds of them are preferred cesarean birth. They have a severe fear of childbirth. There are significant differences between women’s age, education, occupation, gestational age, delivery preference, and childbirth fear.

Conclusion: This study finds that primigravida women have severe childbirth fear, and there are significant differences between women's fear with the demographic and reproductive variables.

Keywords: Fear of Childbirth, Primigravida women, Pregnant women

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