Farzana Kulsoom, Asma Munir, Naila A Ali, S H N Naqvi, Aizaz R Ch, Mina A Ch, Sameen A Ch.

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A Clinicopathological Study of Oral Biopsies in Tertiary Care Hospital

Farzana Kulsoom, Asma Munir, Naila A Ali, S H N Naqvi, Aizaz R Ch, Mina A Ch, Sameen A Ch.



Aim: To assess the frequency of oral lesions and their Clinicopathological study after taking oral biopsies in a tertiary care hospital

Study Type: Retrospective Study

Study Place and Duration: Rehmat Dental Hospital Abbottabad, from January 2015 to May 2020

Methods: A total of 187 patients were added to the study after retrospective review of the patient records and data files. Data collected was subjected to statistical analysis using the computer software SPSS version 23. Mean and standard deviation was calculated for quantitative variables while frequency and percentage was calculated for qualitative variables.

Results: Total 86(46%) patients had malignant lesions including squamous cell carcinoma in 70 patients, verrucous cell carcinoma in 9, malignant melanoma 4, and osteosarcoma in 3 patients. Cysts were diagnosed in 21(11.2%) of patients including reticular in 9, Dentigerous in 8, and NOS in 4 patients. Ameloblastoma was diagnosed in 11 (5.9%) of the patients. White lesion were diagnosed in 14 (7.4%) patients, including lichen planus and OSF in 7 patients each. Inflammatory lesions were diagnosed in 33(17.6%) of the patients, including osteomyelitis in 5, plasma cell gingivitis in 2, and non-specified lesions in 24 patients. Salivary gland lesions were diagnosed in 11 (5.9%), including sialadenitis in 4, pleomorphic adenoma in 3, mucoepiermoid carcinoma in 2, and mucocele in 2 patients. Reactionary lesions were diagnosed in 13 (6.9%) patients, including pyogenic granuloma in 11 patients, and central and peripheral giant cell granuloma in one patient each.

Conclusion: Squamous cell carcinomas are most common lesions which are encountered in oral biopsies and thus emphasize the need for public awareness to minimize the risk factors of this life-threatening disease.

Keywords: Clinicopathological, Oral, Biopsy, Malignant, Benign, Tumor, Lesion, Tertiary Care Hospital,

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