Muhammad Asif, Faiza Irshad, Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Sohail, Muhammad Usman, Farhan Arshad

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Sperm Collection and Tissue Diagnosis Accuracy of FNAC Vs Open Testicular Biopsy

Muhammad Asif, Faiza Irshad, Muhammad Irfan, Muhammad Sohail, Muhammad Usman, Farhan Arshad



Aim: To make diagnostic comparison between testicular open biopsy and fine-needle aspiration (FNA) in male patients who were diagnosed with medical condition like infertility and having azoospermia or severe oligozoospermia. More over this case study also made critical analysis of sperm extraction by testicles through technique FNA.

Place and duration of study: Muhammad Islam teaching hospital Gujranwala, October 2019 to February 2020

Study design: Comparative Study

Method: In this case research, about 110 testes of 60 patients were included in this case research. 48 patients were diagnosed with azoospermia out of 60, then 11 were diagnosed with oligozoospermia and 5 with oligozoospermia who were underwent orchidectomy procedure because of presence of prostate cancer were listed in this research. Two semen analysis tests were taken from each patient for detailed series of laboratory and clinical tests. For the test, FNA, a needle was selected that was 18mm, 24 gauge and 20-ml for smear extraction and smear was stained with Giemsa & Papanicolaou .

Result: After FNA procedure, an open biopsy was done in all patients and the obtained samples were dyed with haematoxyleneos in stain. Under light microscope, both the smears and histological stains were keenly observed by same pathologist and comparison was made between two. The aspirate was not satisfactory in six testes where as in four testes there was spermatocytic arrest identified cytologically as compared to biopsies that showed testiffuse fibrosis. From 30 of 34 patients about (88.23%) spearmatozo can be extracted from patients having normal and hypospermatogenesis, where as in case of 38 patients, spermatozo cannot be acquired wither by FNA or open biopsy.

Conclusion: Testicular FNA is a very useful diagnostic tool in infertile males as it is least invasive as compared to open biopsy technique

Keywords: Biopsy, Fine-needle aspiration, Male infertility

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