Raghad J. Fayyad, Siham N. Lefta, Rasha Saad Nuaman, Ahmed Khayoon Abed Al- Abboodi

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Plant-derived medications remain an attractive resource to fight many diseases especially in developing countries, Morenga oleifera is called (miracle tree) due to its potential use in many diseases treatment traditionally. After cultivation of Morenga locally, alcoholic leaves extract has prepared by maceration. Authors intended to provide a phytochemical profiling for leaves of Morenga via GC-Mass analysis. Then directed fifteen bioactive compounds that investigated within alcoholic leaves extract to explore their ability to inhibit the growth of several tested pathogens and to inhibit proliferation of breast cancer cell line by using MTT assay. Authors hypothesized that plant extract was good candidate as safe and alternative therapy against infections caused by Pseudomonas aurogenosa, Streptococcus sp. and Candiad albicans after calculating (22± 0.002, 20± 0.002, 23± 0.003)mm. Inhibition zones by plant extract against the previous pathogens respectively as compared with synthetic antibiotics. The decrease of absorbance values were detected when treat MCF7 cell line with different concentration of plant extract as compare with un treated cancer cells after follow- up periods especially after 48 hr. incubation. This indicates that Morenga leaves could be a potential drug to eliminate breast cancer incidences.

Keywords: Morenga Oleifera, phytochemical, GC-Mass analysis, Iraq.

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