Kadhim Ali Abbas Al-Haidari, Tunjai Namiq Faiq, Ozdan Akram Ghareeb

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Preventive Value of Black Seed in People at Risk of Infection with COVID – 19

Kadhim Ali Abbas Al-Haidari, Tunjai Namiq Faiq, Ozdan Akram Ghareeb



In early 2020, the world health organization (WHO) declared Covid-19 as a global pandemic. Little is known about the potential protective factors against this viral disease. This study aimed to evaluate the preventive role of black seed (BS) in reducing infection rates with Covid-19 in people involved in the study. It is a descriptive, non-randomized and open-label study in which (376) participants were divided into two equal groups. The control group (CON) included participants who didn’t take the black seeds, while the (BS) group included participants who took black seeds once daily at a 40 mg/kg orally. Knowing that the prophylactic efficacy of the black seed was seen through a smaller percentage of infected people at risk. A significantly lower infection rate was observed among black seed group 68 (36.2%) in comparison with the control group 180 (95.7%). Also, the (BS) group showed reduced incidence of infection at intermediate 12 (17.6 %) and low 0 (0.0 %) levels of exposure to risk factors. Therefore, we can conclude that black seed has the ability to reduce infection rates of covid-19 in people at risk.

Key words: Covid-19, Prevention, Black seed

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