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Format Requirements

Submission Format according to article type

Review article: maximum 4000 words excluding title page and an unstructured abstract of 150 words and references with no more than five tables or figures and 35 references.

Original article: maximum 3000 words excluding title page and a structured abstract of 250 words and references with no more than three tables or figures and 25 references Short Reports / Short Communications / Special Communications / Case reports: maximum 1250 words excluding title page and an unstructured abstract of 150 words and references with no more than two tables or figures and 10 references. It should not be signed by more than six authors.

Case Report: Abstract; Introduction; Case Report; Discussion and Conclusion.

Short Report: Abstract; Introduction; Patients Methods and Result; and Conclusion.

Special Communication: Abstract; Introduction; Methods and Result; and Conclusion.

Letters to the Editor: maximum 250 words if it is in reference to a recent journal article, or 400 words in all other cases. It must have no more than five references and one figure or table. It must not be signed by any more than three authors. Letters referring to a recent journal article must be received within four weeks of its publication.

General Requirements

Manuscript must be written in ‘British English’. Non-native English speakers must seek the assistance of experienced, English-speaking medical editors if in doubt. Taking feedback from your colleagues also makes the manuscript writing more productive, versatile and simple for the readers.

• Type the manuscript on A4 size (8.5x11 inches or 21.6x27 cm) white bond paper, with margins of at least 1.5 inches (4 cm).

• Type on one side of the paper, double spacing every page.

Editorial Policy

Pakistan Journal of Medical & Health Sciences is an international biomedical journal from Pakistan. We publish materials of interest to the practitioners and scientists in the broad field of medicine. Articles describing original qualitative, quantitative, human/animal clinical or laboratory studies are considered for publication. All manuscripts should be comprehensible to the general reader and lead to improved decision making in clinical practice, medical education, research and policy. Types of articles include case reports, case series, descriptive and analytical research with clinical trials, short reports, special communications and letter to the editor. Clinical conference abstracts, special issues, articles regarding innovation and those related to research methods and reporting are also published. Secondary research including narrative reviews, systematic reviews, evidence based articles, meta-analysis, practice guidelines will also be considered for publication. From time to time invited articles are published. Manuscripts must be original and not under consideration by another publication.

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