A Cross-Sectional Study of factors associated with prevalence and progress of Dentin Hypersensitivity


  • Wajeeha Jabeen
  • Sakina Qazi
  • Saman Malik
  • Syed Shahan Haider
  • Muhammad Farooq
  • Resham Hafeez




Hypersensitivity, DHS,


Aim: DHS is a prevalent dental disorder. Several variables affect DHS to analyze the problems prevalence and correlations.

Place of study: Dental College (HITEC-IMS), Taxilla

Duration of Study: February 2019 to August 2021

Methods: This cross-sectional investigation looked at 182 surgical dentistry patients at (HITEC-IMS) Dental College, Taxilla. Demographic and associated variables were accumulated from a survey and one examiner looked at clinical linkages. A visual analog scale was devised to categorize the results (VAS). Chi-Square test was used to examine the related factors at the significance level of 0.05.

Results: Described data is shown. The Chi-Square test was employed here with 0.05 for all variables. DHS was found in 26% of the cases. Hard toothbrushes, traumatic occlusion, gingival surgery history, and horizontal brushing (P <0.0002, P <.004) are all associated with DHS (P<.0004).

Conclusion: According to the results, high awareness about DHS and its associated factors are mandatory for better prognosis.