Effectiveness of Health Insurance Project; Women Satisfaction Regarding Quality of Ante-natal Services


  • Mohamed Gamal Elsehrawy, Fatma El Emam Hafeze Elemam, Heba Ali Hamed Mohamed, Mudathir Mohamedahmd Eltayeb, Elturabi Elsayed Ebrahim, Maha Moussa Mohamed Moussa




Antenatal care, Satisfaction, Quality measures, Universal Health Insurance System.


Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the universal health insurance project regarding the quality of health care with antenatal care services.

Materials and methods: A descriptive comparative study carried out at ten Primary Health Care (PCH) centers affiliated to Port-said and Damietta governorates. Multi-stage sampling probability technique used for selecting these centers, simple random sample of 460 women chosen. Data was collected through two tools; women's satisfaction questionnaire, and Support Tool for Improving Quality of Antenatal Care. Results: the study results revealed that 69.1% of women were unsatisfied with the antenatal care services and available resources provided by the traditional insurance. On the other hand, 79.1% of women receiving universal health insurance were satisfied with the services provided.

Conclusion: level of satisfaction was higher among women using universal health insurance regarding the recent health care services, cleanness, arrangement of medical facilities, availability of resources and criteria of service.