Crisis Management in Professional Basketball Organizations


  • Fatma Bayram, Dursun Katkat



Background: The importance of the crisis concept in sports and the hardly reversible nature of the crises prove the importance of the topic.

Aim: To examine the crisis management skills of professional basketball team managers. The crisis management skills of the team managers were also analyzed based on several demographic variables.

Methods: The sample group for the study consists of 56 team managers who worked in Turkish basketball leagues in the 2021–2022 season. "Crisis Management Scale" developed by Sayın (2008) was used as the data collection tool.

Results: As a result of normality analyses (Kolmogorov, Smirnov), to analyze the data, in addition to the arithmetic mean (x̅) and frequency (f), in independent paired comparisons, the Independent Sample t-Test, and the Mann-Whitney U-test, having non-parametric equivalents, were employed, and in the analyses of group means greater than two, one-way variance analysis (ANOVA) was used.

Conclusion: It was found that there were significant differences in crisis management in terms of sex and professional experience, but no significant difference was found in terms of other variables.

Keywords:  Basketball team managers, the crisis in basketball, the crisis in sports, sports organizations