Toxic Toys Threaten the Health of the Children: An Appraisal of Potential Literature


  • Laila Shahzad
  • Hamna Zubair
  • Maryam Ali



Exposure, environmental pollutants, health effects, risk factors


Children are considered highly susceptible due to their exposure to the environmental pollutants from the toys, playing dough and paint colors. Despite of graving nature of problem, few studies are conducted on the associated risk factors and environmental pollutants. The current review put an effort on exploration the studies of environmental pollutants in children play products and its related effects on children’s health. The methods of pollutant’s detection were also discussed. The studies covered showed environmental toxicants including a wide range of heavy metals, volatile organic compounds, nonaromatic hydrocarbons, and Bisphenol A and flame retardants. Few studies has reported Chromium (555±144mg/kg) in Chinese-manufactured play dough, Cadmium (10±1.4 mg/kg) in the toy paints of China, and lead (293.8±184.5 mg/kg) in the toy paint of USA. Therefore, a dire need of research and strong legislation is needed to create awareness to protect the health of children.