Study of Spleen and Liver Injuries in Patients of Blunt Trauma Abdomen


  • Abdul Latif, Muhammad Alim, Bahadur Khan, Khaleel Ahmad Khan, Jeevan Kumar



trauma, abdomen, liver, spleen


Objective:  To study the spleen and liver injuries in patients of blunt trauma abdomen.

Material and methods: This was a cross sectional study which conducted at Department of Surgery Loralai Medical College Loralai from May 2021 to November 2021 over the period of 6 months.  Total 130 patients aged 18-50 years either gender with blunt trauma abdomen were recruited for this study.   Spleen and liver injuries and their grading was studied. 

Results: Total 130 patients of blunt abdominal trauma were recruited.  Age range was 18-50 years with mean age 30.85 ± 8.84 years.  Out of 130 patients, liver injury was found in 67 (52%) patients.  Total 84 (65%) patients had spleen injury.  Total 20 (15%) patients had both liver and spleen injury. 

Conclusion: Results of this study concluded that spleen was the most common injured organ.  Grade-I liver and spleen injury was commonly seen.  Age group 18-33 years was common age group and males were prominent than females.