Comparison of Nebulized vs Systemic Corticosteroids for Management of Children Presenting with Acute Exacerbation of Asthma


  • Saima Gillani, Ghulam Abbas Qazi, Ibrahim, Samiullah Khan, Shazia Bibi, Abdul Hanan Farooq



Objective: The aim of current study is to determine the outcomes of nebulized vs systemic corticosteroids for the treatment of children presenting with acute exacerbation asthma.

Study Design: Simple blind/parallel study

Place and Duration: Children Medical Center (CMC) / Dr Habib un Nabi Children Hospital Airport Road Mingora Swat and Pediatrics department of Ayub Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Abbottabad for the duration 06 months from April 2021 to September 2021.

Methods: There were 60 cases of both genders presented with ages <10 years. Included patients had acute exacerbation of asthma. After obtaining written agreement, the demographics of all registered patients were recorded. Patients were split into 2-groups. Group I received nebulized corticosteroids and group II received systemic corticosteroids. Post treatment after 2 weeks of follow up outcomes among both groups were assessed by using oscillometric resistances. SPSS 21.0 version was used to analyze complete data.

Results: There were 40 males (20 in each group) and 20 females (10 in each group). Mean age of the patients in group I was 5.8±7.45 years and group II had mean age 6.4±4.35 years. In group I 19 (63.3%) cases had family history of allergy and in group II 18 (60%) cases had history. Mean duration of asthma in group I was 3.4±6.15 years and in group II mean duration was 4.1±4.19 years. Mean hospitalization was lower in group I 1.5±3.14 days as compared to group II 2.8±9.31 days. By using oscillometric resistances reduction in disease severity was found higher in group I 4.1±5.14 as compared to group II 5.1±5.12 from 8.3±6.31.

Conclusion: We concluded in this study that the use of nebulized steroids were effective and useful as compared to systemic steroid in the treatment of acute exacerbation asthma in terms of reduction of severity of disease and hospital stay.