Identification of substantial factors associated with Mortality in the Emergency Department


  • Abdul Naeem
  • Muhammad Arif
  • Abrar Akbar
  • Ehtasham-ul- Haq
  • Iram Arshad
  • Iqra Ashraf
  • Sana Naseem



Critical patients, Mortality, Emergency Department


In this paper, the prime focus is to identify key factors that are directly related to the mortality in critical medical patients presenting to the emergency department in a collapsed state and the research study was conducted at a tertiary care university hospital (April- July 2020) on medical patients presenting in critical condition. Some imperative variables like demography, premorbid, presenting vitals, GCS, blood sugar, oxygen saturation, diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes were recorded. Statistical analysis was done using the chi-square test along with Fisher's exact test for computational evaluation. Hence, the absent pulse, low conscious level, and temperature at presentation are significant clinical findings associated with mortality of critical medical patients.