Students and Facilitators Perception Regarding Conventional and New Implicated Portal Based Electronic PBL in Ziauddin University


  • Sadaf Fatima
  • Rabeea Rizwan
  • Sahrish Mukhtar
  • Saba Hanif
  • Fatima .
  • Sabahat Gul



PBL, Medical students, Perception


Aim: To study the students and facilitators perception regarding conventional and new implicated portal based electronic Problem based Learning (PBL) in Ziauddin University

Methods:  The study design was comparative cross sectional. The study was conducted at Ziauddin Medical College, Ziauddin University. The study participants included 88 medical students and 26 facilitators. A feedback form was distributed to each student and facilitator. In the feedback form, students and facilitators were inquired about the preference, advantages and disadvantages of conventional and e-PBL system. The forms were collected and data was analyzed.

Results: The students preferred the e-PBL system (48.8%) and the facilitators (76.9%) preferred the conventional PBL system. Regarding the log book submission, (51%) students preferred e-log book while (57.7%) facilitators had preference for conventional log book submission. Regarding preference for learning, (38.6%) students and (57.7%) facilitators selected conventional PBL. The advantages of conventional PBL included log book writing helps in learning (35.2%) students and (46.2%) facilitators, easy to access for study and recall (25%) students and (23.1%) facilitators, searching from books motivated to study (23.9%) and (38.5%) facilitators. Regarding the disadvantages of conventional PBL, (33%) students reported log book writing is time consuming. The advantages of e-PBL reported by students included time efficient (34.1%) and logbook submission deadline makes students punctual (23.1%) as reported by facilitators. In relation to disadvantages of e-PBL, (27.3%) students and (50%) facilitators mentioned that copy paste from websites in e-PBL submission has made PBL less useful to learn and retain knowledge.

Conclusion: The majority of medical students had a preference for e-PBL and the majority of facilitators preferred conventional PBL system.