Association of Neck Pain in Tie Wearing & Non-Tie Wearing Computer Users


  • Maryam Afzal, Rabeea Aqeel, Misbah Waris, Rabiya Noor, Sadaf Waris, Rida Zahra, Huda Zahra



Background: Wearing a neck-tie is necessary for bankers and office workers as per requirement of their job. It is necessary to know about the impact of regular tie-wearing.

Objective: To find out the association of neck pain in tie wearing and non-tie wearing computer users.

Methodology: It was a comparative cross sectional survey, conducted in different banks and offices in Lahore, sample size was 200. Group A: consists of 100 regularly tie-wearing computer users. Group B: consists of 100 regularly non-tie wearing computer users. Neck ROMs were calculated through Goniometer. For neck pain assessment, NDI questionnaire was used. Sample size was calculated through Raosoft software.

Results: A strong association of neck pain was observed in tie wearing population. P value was less than 0.005. Calculated mean value of NDI for tie-wearing was 10.76 and 1.82 for non-tie wearing. Standard deviation value for tie-wearing was 11.273 and 1.410 for non-tie wearing. 

Conclusion: It is concluded that there is a strong association of neck pain among computer users with regular tie-wearing.

Keywords: Tie-wearing, non-tie wearing, Neck pain, Computer users.