Perceptions and Preparedness for Covid-19 Pandemic among Students of a Medical University


  • Rehmatullah, Khalida Naz Memon, Shazia Parveen, Maham Shah, Batool Bibi, Yousuf Ahmed Qureshi



Covid-19, Pandemic, Perceptions, Preparedness, Medical students, Dental students.


Background: The accomplishment of control of Covid-19 pandemic depends upon people’s readiness & preparedness of the medical professionals.  The current study is expected to benefit the communities by assessing the knowledge of medical students regarding containment of this pandemic.


  1. To assess the perceptions and readiness of the medical students regarding COVID-19.
  2. To determine association between various socio- demographic profile of study participants and their perceptions regarding Covid-19.

Methodology: Three hundred & eighty four medical & dental students were selected by convenience sampling. Besides socio-demographic variables of medical students, students level of knowledge & perceptions regarding Covid-19 were recorded on a pre-designed & pre-validated questionnaire. Besides computing frequencies & percentages, the association among variables was performed by applying Chi-square test by taking p-value <0.05 as level of significance.

Results: The response rate was 92.53%.  The study participants had a high level of information (93.75%) regarding COVID19 outbreak. We did not find a single insignificant association between age of students & their perceptions regarding Covid-19 pandemic (p ≤ 0.01).  Similar associations were observed between gender & level of education to the knowledge & perceptions regarding Covid-19 pandemic (p ≤ 0.01).

Conclusions: The medical & dental students are very well aware about the Covid-19 pandemic & its control measures undertaken by government.