Comparison of Hysterosalpingographic findings in patients with Primary and Secondary Subfertility


  • Sajilah Karim
  • Sadia Bashir
  • Amna Bibi
  • Madeeha Riaz
  • Sadia Faiz
  • Asim Shafi
  • Ayesha Khan Khakwani



Subfertlity, hysterosalpingography, tubal blockage


Hysterosalpingography is a commonly used imaging modality to assess the pathology of uterine cavity and fallopian tubes of patient with infertility. Hysterosalpingography has an established role in the assessment of tubal factor in patients with subfertility.

Objective: To compare hysterosalpingographic findings in patients of primary and secondary subfertility.

Materials and methods: A prospective study spanning six months duration was carried out in radiology department of private clinic in Multan. A total of 602 patient both primary and secondary subfertility were included in the study. Clinical notes and x-ray findings were analyzed for demographic data such as age and duration of subfertility and tubal and uterine abnormalities.

Results: Out of 602 patient 66.8% had primary subfertility and 33.2% were in the secondary subfertility group. Tubal blockage was most common abnormalities in both groups i.e. 21.1% of patients with primary subfertility and 27.5% with secondary subfertility had tubal blockage.