Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences

Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences

Vol. 10, Issue 1, JAN – MAR  2016




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Modular System of Medical Education

Kamran Aziz

Original Articles


Role of CT Angiography in Preoperative Vascular Mapping of Potential Renal Donors

Tayyaba Afzal, Salahuddin, Aaliya Haleem



HCV Prevalence and Its Predominant Genotypes in Sargodha Region of Pakistan

Haroon Riaz, Muhammad Zahid Latif, Muhammad Atif Qureshi, Abdul Rouf, Rahila Nizami



Maternal and Fetal Short Term Outcome in Breech Delivered Vaginally

Samina Jaddoon, Zulfiqar Ali Khan, Shazia Hanif, Tahira Ashraf



The Presence of Thyroid Auto-Antibodies is a Risk Factor for Thyroid Dysfunction in Ch Hep. C pts

Khadija Mastoor, Muhammad Imran Ashraf, Khursheed Anwer, Maria Amjad



Frequency and Presentation of Adnexal Masses

Shahnaz Kouser, Saira Yunus, Nadia Mushtaq



Effects of Municipal Wastewater on Histology of Rabbit’s Testes

Amir Amanullah, Usman Ullah, Najeeb Ullah, Fidaullah Wazir



Response of Vertebral Bone Marrow to female hormone 5 days after Injury to Annulus Fibrosus

Wajid Ali Chatha



Role of oral antibiotics for Secondary Prophylaxis of Porto-Systemic Encephalopathy in Liver Cirrhotic pts

Shahzad Latif, M. Rashid Siraj, Farooq Saeed Khan, Shahid Sarwar



Antimullerian Hormone as a Marker of Ovarian Reserve

Safia Sultana Munir, Misbah Sultana, Saima Jabeen, Madiha Khalid



Comparative Efficacy of Crystalloid Preloading and Co-Loading to Prevent S/A Induced Hypotension

Zainab Farid, Raja Mushtaq, Sabiha Ashraf, Khalid Zaeem



Frequency of Acoustic Neuroma/CP Angle Tumor in Unilateral SNHL

Tariq Enver, Muhammad Ilyas, Rizwan Akbar Bajwa, Wahid Saleem



Causes/Patterns of Admissions and Deaths at a tertiary care hospital in suburban area of Lahore

Aneela Zareen, Muhammad Jamil Azhar, Muhammad Rizwan Saleem, Muhammad Mahmood Iqbal



Arterial Oxygen Saturation during Unsedated Upper Endoscopy

Mohamed Aal-Haim, Murad Aamukbel, Muhammad Zubair



Glyceral Trinitrate is an effective Primary Treatment in Chronic Anal fissure

Aruj Alam, Muhammad Shoaib, Sohail Anjum, Aftab Ahmad



Correlation of Interleukin-10 with Glasgow Coma Scale in Patients of Stroke

Sana Sabir, Naima Umer, Mohammad Shoaib, Sibgha Zulfiqa4



Treatment of Tonsillar Remnants by Monopolar Diathermy, a study of safety of technique regarding peroperative bleeding and improvement of patients symptoms

Zafar Iqbal, Rizwan Akbar Bajwa, Muhammad Nadeem



Antihepatotoxic Activity of Gemmotherapeutically treated Neem and alcoholic extract of Neem

Faiza Aslam, Shazia Jamil, Muhammad Aamer Aslam



Dengue Deaths: a clinical experience in critical unit

Riaz Hussain, Shazia Jamil, Faiza Aslam



Accurate Diagnosis of Pulmonary Embolism in ECG Taking CT Pulmonary Angiography

Muhammad Mustafa Ali Siddiqui, Khaliq Mahmmod, Muhammad Mujtaba Ali Siddiqui, Mohammad Mohsin Khan, Sadaf Khan, Sadia Zafar, Nadia Sultan, Zafar Ali Ch, Usman Ghanni



Demographic Distribution of Firearm Injuries in District Quetta

Zulfiqar Ali Buzdar, Fakhar Uz Zaman, Muhammad Hammad, Mudaser Hussain Abbasi, FUA Mengal



Iron Deficiency Anemia in Bahawalpur Region of Pakistan:  A Descriptive Study

Saeed Ahmad Malik,  Muhammad  Aurangzeb Saeed Malik, Saadia Aurangzeb Malik



Physical Activity, Dietary Practices and Body Mass Indices Relationship in type II Diabetics Pts

Riaz A Javaid, Md Saleem Akhtar, Kashif Ali, M M Khan, Shehryar Bucha, S Hn Kamboyo, Riaz Ali Khan



Epidemiological Study of Road Traffic Accident Cases

Fakhar Uz Zaman, Zulfiqar Ali Buzdar, Ahmed Tariq, Mudaser Hussain Abbasi, Farhan Ul Amin Mengal



Frequency of Acanthosis Nigricans in Obese and Non-Obese patients

Malik Muhammad Qasim



Frequency of Burnt patients in Sandeman Provincial Hospital Quetta

Riffat Masood, Yaser Ameer, Shagufta Shafi, Mudaser Hussain Abbasi, Farhanul Ameen Mengal



Detection of MecA Mediated Methicillin Resistance in Staphylococcus aureus by Cefoxitin Disc Diffusion Method and Latex Agglutination Test

Faiqa Arshad, Iffet Javed, Sohaila Mushtaq, Saeed Anwer



Pattern of Anemia in Children in Age Group 1 to 5 Years

Aneela Zareen, Muhammad Rizwan Saleem, Rabia Haq, Tahira Yasmeen



Pulmonary Function Test among Asymptomatic Rheumatoid Lung Disease Patients

Izaz-Ur-Rahman, Hamid Javaid Qureshi, Bushra Gohar Shah



Ac Appendicitis, Correlating Histopathological Findings with clinical- is histopathology needed for all?’

Badar Jahan,  Shumaila Najeeb,  Abdul Wahab Shaikh





Perception and Attitude towards Research: A Comparative Study among medical and non-medical undergraduate students at University of Lahore

Tazeem Shahbaz, Nazish Masooma, Muhammad Bilal Naeem, Hina Siddiqui, Iqra Nawaz, Z Firdous



Frequency of Esophageal Varices and Comparison of Serum Albumin levels with and without Esophageal Varices in Patients Presenting with Chronic Liver Disease

Jahanzeb Khan, Aftab Rabbani, Sajjad Ali, Umar Farooq Dar, Hunain Riaz, Ujala Nayyar, Aamir Aslam



Association between Ischemic Stroke and Raised Serum Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase

Umar Farooq Dar, Sajjad Ali, Ghazanfar Ali Sirhindi, Hunain Riaz, Ujala Nayyar, Aamir Aslam



The Role of Diagnostic Laparoscopy for Acute Abdominal Conditions

Mohammad Iqbal Adil, Anwar Zeb



Hirchsprung Disease in Adults & Adolescence

Mohammad Iqbal Adil, Anwar Zeb



Effects of Gluten- Free Diet on Immunological Assays in Children with Celiac Disease

Tayyaba Noor,  Atika Zubair, Mohammad Afzal Bhatti, Rizwan Waseem



Mode of Retroperitoneal Organ Injuries Following Blunt Abdominal Trauma

Arifa Akhtar, Zulfiqar Ali Shahid, Wasim Safdar



Comparative Evaluation Of Osmotic Fragility Test And Hba2 Estimation As The Screening Tests

Nasir Rashid, Muhammad Lutafullah, Rabiya Jamil, Muhammad Farooq



Electrophoretic Pattern of Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzymes in Diabetes Mellitus

Nuzhat Navid, Bilal Munir, Sana, Muhammad Farooq



Nutritional Status and its Effect on Emergency Surgery

Sohail Safdar, Liaqat Ali Khan, Sagheer Ahmed



Factors Leading to Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis

Summaira Hassan, Sohail Safdar, Liaqat Ali Khan



Frequency of Fracture of Hyoid Bone in Various Modalities of Strangulation of Neck

Tariq Azher, Asif Jamil Ansari, Abdul Munaf Saud



Comparison between Total & sub-total Thyroidectomy in Postop Asymptomatic Hypocalcaemia

Zulfiqar Ali Shahid, Arifa Akhtar, Wasim Safdar



Cyclosporin Induced Glomerulosclerosis in Developing Kidney

Nahid Tawakal, Shakeela Nazir, Nazia Siddique



Frequency of in-Patients Hyperglycemia in a medical ward of a Tertiary Care Hospital at Lahore

Muhammad Naeem Afzal, Bilal Mahmood, Usman Khalid, Saleha Asghar, Bilal Hameed, Rabia Anjum, Muhammad Naeem Safdar Chap, Irshad Hussain Qureshi, Kashif Siddique



The Wounded Healers: a qualitative study of stress in medical students

Seema Daud, Rakhshanda Rizwan Farid, Khawar Mahboob, Qurutulain Ahsan, Ehsanullah Tarin



Comparison of Risk Factors in Patients with Atypical Chest Pain screened for IH Disease

Anser Asrar, Masood Nizam Tabassum, Uzma Zargam



Comparison of Side Effects of Tolterodine & Solifenacinsucinate in patients With Urinary Incontinence

Maryam Rana, Iram Mobusher



Vacuum Assisted Closure: an Important Armamentarium In Wound Management

Ayesha Chaudary, Irfan Ishaq, Ifthikhar Alam, Imran Aslam, Ghulam Qadir Fayyaz



Comparative Study of Manual Vacuum Aspiration and Dilatation & Evacuation for the Surgical Management of Early Miscarriages: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Rohana Salam, Rakhshanda Neelofer, Palwasha Naserullah



Totally Extra-Peritoneal (TEP) Versus Tension Free Mesh Repair for Inguinal Hernia

Aqeel Waris, Khalid Javeed Abid, Sadaf Ishaque, Tahir Saleem, Sana Anwer, Anas Ahmad



Association of Risk Factors of Family Environment with Childhood Obesity

Summaira Hassain, Faryal Waheed, Muhammad Afzal Saqib



Study of Dyslipidemia in Patients of Liver Cirrhosis Presenting at D.G Khan Hospital

Riaz Ahmed Javid, Sadia Bashir, Khalil Ahmad



Accuracy of Crown–Rump Length in Determination of Expected Date of Delivery in 1st Trimester

Faroohi Saghir, Sadia Riaz, Kamran Naseem



Frequency of LV Diastolic Dysfunction among Type-II Diabetics with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver

Shahbaz Ahmed Qureshi, Syed Ali Rukh Pirzada, Hafiz Abdul Ghafar Naeem, Masroor Ali Qazi



Study of Liver and Spleen Injuries in Cases of Blunt Abdominal Trauma

Karim Shah Faizi, Ali Akbar Shah, Muhammad Fareed Ullah 



Impact of Dyslipidemia on Frequency of Hepatitis C Infection in Type II Diabetics

Muhammad Fayyaz, Sidra Saba, Zunaira Hussain, Muhammad Saleh Hassan



Comparison between Topical 0.025% Ketotifen Fumarate and Topical 4% Cromolyn Sodium

Muhammad Khalid, Asad Mahmood Khan, Noor Ul Huda Ansari



Study of Severity of Mitral Valve Stenosis Diagnosed on 2nd  Echocardiography

Muhammad Ajmal Malik, Khalil Ahmad, Muneer Ahmad Siddiquei



Frequency of stress Hyperglycemia for In-hospital mortality in Acute Coronary Syndrome

Muhammad Ajmal Malik, Sh. Khurram Salam Sehgal, Muneer Ahmad Siddiquei



Frequency of Factors Leading to Gestational Diabetes

Shazia Tahseen, Saima Qurban, Rana Mazher, Nayyar Sultana, Zahid Mahmood, Tayyaba Majeed



Frequency of Type of Ocular Trauma in Children

Abdul Ghafoor, Muhammad Waseem, Shaukat Ali Khan



Frequency of Hypoalbuminemia and Mortality in Acute Ischemic Stroke

Ambreen Butt, Muhammad Rashid Ali, Hina Zameer



Efficacy of Adding Single Dose of Intermediate Acting Insulin at Bed-Time in Patients Receiving Maximum Doses of Oral Hypoglycemic Agents

Amena Moazzam Baig, Amna Rizvi, Hafeeza Naz



Frequency of Failed Trial of Labour and its Morbidity in Patients with Previous One Caesarean Birth

Ammara Sana, Amna Kazi, Tayyaba Iqbal, Rakhshan Shaheen Najmi



Blood Transfusion as a Risk Factor for Hepatitis C in Pregnancy

Amna Aslam, Iram Munawar, Nadia Zahid



Frequency of Various Etiological Factors Causing Lower GI Bleeding and Importance of Endoscopy

Faryad Hussain, Ghulam Yasin, Arif Zaheer, Agha Shabbir Ali



Frequency of Vitamin D Deficiency in Women with Breast Cancer

Jahanzeb Khan, Ghazanfar Ali Sirhindi, Hammad-Ur-Rehman Bhatti



Ulnar Artery Perforator Flap for the Coverage of Electric Injury Defects at Wrist

Kamran Khalid, Waseem Humayoun



A Craniometric Study of Adult Dry Skulls in South Punjab

Muhammad Ilyas Anjum, Shagufta Kanwal, Muhammad Ikrash Anjum



Frequency of Raised Intraocular Pressure (IOP) after ND:YAG Laser Posterior Capsulotomy

Muhammad Waseem, Abdul Ghafoor, Shams Ullah Bazai



Compare the Functional Outcome of Dynamic Compression Platting and Locked Intramedullary Nailing for Primary Surgical Fixation of Non-Pathological Fractures of Humeral Shaft in adults

Mazhar Mehmood, M.Abdul Rehman Yaseen, Shafiq Farooq



Frequency of Nocturnal Enuresis in Rural Areas of Sialkot

Mazhar Nazir Chatta, Nayyar Ahmed, Mian Sarfraz Gul



Social Barriers Affecting Initiation of Antenatal Care in Pregnant Women at DHQ Hospital Sahiwal

Safia Perveen, Alina Shirazi, Anum Saleemi



Outcome of One Stage Surgical Correction of Developmental Dysplasia of Hip (DDH) in Children

Salik Kashif, Bahadar Ali Khan, Sana Ullah, Ihsan Ullah



Perinatal Outcome in Pregnancy Complicated by Obstetric Cholestasis

Shaherzad Sohail, Lubna Raiz Dar, Sadaf Munawar



Complete Chordae preservation during Mitral Valve Replacement, in patients with Rheumatic Mitral Regurgitation with LVESD 50mm. A Single Center prospective randomized study

Sharjeel Abbas, Aftab Yunus, Waseem Riaz, Madiha Iqbal, Zafar Tufail, Junaid Fayyaz Khan



Frequency of Gut Injuries in Unsafe Abortion

Sadia Hina, Umair Ahmed Khan, Hadia Hina, Misbah Muneer, Khalid Masood Gondal



Maternal Outcome In Women With Threatened Miscarriage

Rozina Naurin, Shazia Tahseen, Rubina Naurin,, Nayyer Sultana, Zahid Mahmood, Tayyaba Majeed



Outcome of Patients with Acute Oliguria after an Acute Gastroenteritis Episode

Tariq Pervez, Salahuddin Qureshi, Nasib Ullah Shah



Maternal Outcome in Obese and Non-Obese Women

Sarah Asif, Sara Ejaz, Khadija Waheed



Tooth Morphology and Aesthetics While Smiling in Accordance to Golden Proportion

Sher Muhammad, Rehman Shahid, Muhammad Ismail Siddiqui



Outcome of Modified Grahm Patch Omentopexy in the Management of Perforated Duodenal Ulcer

Viqar Aslam, Shabab Hussain,, Shahid Rahman, Sajjad Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Sherose Khan, Waheed Alam



Comparison of Steri Strip VS Suture Closure of Facial Lacerations

Amir Ali, Aqeel Safdar, Asif Rasheed, Maheen Qasim



Frequency of Visual Improvement after Traumatic Cataract Surgery

Muhammad Khalid, Muhammad Rizwan, Mohammad Imran Nawaz Khan



Frequency of Pancytopenia in Malarial patients, a clinical study

Awais Anwar, Humaira Shaukat, Hasan Akbar Khan, Amana Nadeem, Kanwal Firdous



A comparative study of Creatine Kinase-MB and Troponin levels among diabetic and non diabetic  patients with Acute MI

Awais Anwar, Hasan Akbar Khan, Samra Hafeez, Kanwal Firdous



Comparison of Postdural Puncture Headache in Median and Paramedian Approach under Spinal Anesthesia in Cesarean Section

Afshan Nisar, Jodat Saleem, Saqib Hussain, Khalid Bashir



Types of Congenital Anomalies among Families of Medical Students

Razia Chaudhry, Maham Javed, Khalid Javed Abid



Evaluation of the Current Trends in the Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns of Typhoid Salmonellae

Sadia Ikram, Shagufta Hussain, Aliya Aslam, Muhammad Dilawar Khan, Ishtiaq Ahmed

Case Report


Gossypiboma; As A Case of Intestinal Obstruction

Sadaf Ishaque, Khalid Javeed Abid, Sana Anwer

Original Articles


The Prevalence of Significant Pathology in Women Presenting With Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

Samina Asghar, Anum Homayun, Faryal Awan, Ali Awan



The Future of Postplacental Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (PPIUCD) in Pakistan

Samina Asghar, Anum Homayun, Faryal Awan